Scenic Flight Glarus and Central Switzerland

On this flight there was an interesting weather situation. The eastern part of Switzerland was covered with a thick cloud layer and everything was like in a black and white movie. The rest of Switzerland was almost free of clouds and the light of the setting winter sun caused a phantastic golden illumination of the landscape below us. The course with a Rockwell Commander 114 of Moonlight Air, was: Triengen, Mount Pilatus, Mount Titlis, Engelberg, Mount Mythen, Glarus, Lake Walen, Zurich highlands, Mount Rigi, Triengen Saturday, November 26, 2005, 42 photos.

Winter Landscape Winter Landscape Hazy Winter Landscape Pilatus 1 Pilatus 2 Pilatus 3 Pilatus and Lucerne Lake Sarnen Slopes with Snow 1 Slopes with Snow 2 Titlis 1 Midlands with nuclear power plant Titlis 2 Top station Titlis Mountain summits in sunset light Above the mountains Sisikon Great Mythen and Brunnen Lake Klöntal Firn 1 Firn 2 Stream with obstructions Mürtschenstock Linth Plains Rapperswil, Lützelau, Ufenau Wetzikon Preyenstrasse Zürcher Oberland, Lake Zurich Einsiedeln Lake Sihl Sunset Mood Lake Ägeri Rigi-Kulm Rigi-Scheidegg 1 Rigi-Scheidegg 2 Rigi-Scheidegg with Mythen Rigi-Kulm 2 Rigi-Kulm 3 Restaurant Rigi Kulm Hotel Lake Sempach with KKW Gösgen Sempach Winter Landscape 3 Airport Triengen