Diving Videos

Ice diving on February 29, 2020 with DiveZone. Only a few divers had signed up and there was only a little ice due to the warm climate. The south wind blew hard and the rest of the world went into corona lockdown.
Sidemount Diving in Lake Lucerne with Xdeep Stealth 2.0. Just a test with a GoPro and a dumb selfie stick to see how my gear fits and the tanks are positioned. July 2015
Dive cruise around Fiji islands with NAI'A vessel plus snorkeling with humpback whales. Canon HF-200. August 2010
Shark feeding dive on Fiji island with Beqa Adventure Diving. I don't like such shark feeding stuff, but here it is a bit different. It's in a sanctuary where fishing is forbidden and part of the fees go to the surrounding villages to support the local people. Music track removed due to copyright conflicts. Canon HF-200. August 5, 2010
Million Dollar Point, Vanuatu

Diving in a World WAR II junkyard site. Canon HF-200. Music track removed due to copyright conflicts. Crunching sound is from silica gel pack inside the underwater case. Canon HF-200. July 2010