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The Weather

Summer Lightning: A summer lightning. Shot out of my sleeping room's window back in June 1991. — Minolta X-300, Kodak Ektar 25


Bachtel in Winter: A winter scene with snow, trees and fog sea on "mount" Bachtel. — January 1991, Kodak Ektar 25

The Moon

Full Moon Rising: Moon rising behind the woods of Bachtel. Shot through a d=90mm f=1000mm refracting telescope. September 1991, Kodak Ektar 125.

Moon and Hot Air Balloon : Journey to the Moon of a hot air balloon in summer 1991. I followed the balloon by bike to get it closer to the Moon but it was too fast. Scanned from an old scratched negative strip. 210mm zoom lens, Fotolabo Club 200

The Sun

Glowing Treetops: Sun setting behind trees making the treetops appear to glow. Shot through a 1m refracting telescope without filter. — Minolta X-300, Kodak Ektar 125, September 1991