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Jupiter, Saturn, Mily Way © Bernd Nies Milky Way with Bolide © Bernd Nies
2021-12-25Fancybox using Figcaption Legends: Update for Fancybox 4; Password-Generator using different separator characters, so one can enter it also on CH keyboards with US layout or vice versa.
2021-12-19Responsive image sizes at photo album covers and thumbnails with CSS grid
2021-12-16Revive of the guestbook. Language selection DE/EN on top right.
2021-12-15Upgrade to Bootstrap 5.1.3. Some few layout changes
2021-09-05Photo of the Star Party on Gurnigel
2021-08-15Milky Way with Bolide during an observing night with Edis 30" Dobson on Hasliberg