Solar eclipse 2006 Corona
Fig. 71: During a total solar eclipse the IQ probably drops to around 30. I wanted to record a second series of the eclipse without the 2x teleconverter to capture the sun's corona in all its glory. In the rush I didn't remember how to rewind the film on the Nikon F100 and in the darkness of an eclipse you can't see the red symbols on the black housing. :-) Then I wasted valuable time fumbling around and lighting with my cell phone and then started the exposure series not at 1s but at 1/8000s, so that the sun was peeping out from behind the moon again when the exposure series arrived there. Janu! — William Optics Zenithstar 105 ED Triplet APO f/7, Nikon F100, Fujichrome Velvia 100F, 1/4s, Side, Turkey, March 29, 2006