Sunset © Bernd Nies

Sunset: Sun setting behind two trees on a hill. Shot from a meadow at Hirzel village on 19th October 2001. Well, this is a combination of two images (one bright with the trees but without Sun and one dark just with the solar disk and the silhouette of the tree). The film was almost filled and I did not have another one in the bag (shame). The bright image was shot accidentally while pointing the camera and the one with just the sun was too dark because I measured the brightness of the sky too early (shame again). I combined those two images using Photoshop and negative multiplication of the two layers and graduation curve corretion of the bright image. The Sun will set at this point every year from about 18-20th October and 20-22th February. I hope the next time the weather will be as good and I will have enough films. 8/500mm RF tele, Fujichrome Velvia.